Axcis Tip of the Week: Keep your availability up to date

Ade’s Tip: Keep your availability bang up to date!


Axcis Tip of the Week

Adebola Ademiluyi is an Account Manager in the Axcis London office.

This week, our weekly tip comes from Ade. Ade is an account manager in the London office. This means she looks after some of our busiest schools and often has work available in the mornings.


Please be sure to log in to your profile via the Axcis website every Friday and highlight the days you are available for work the following week.  We rely on you doing this to know what days you are free and call you for work.  It is a very quick and easy process. Once you have logged into the Axcis website, simply click on “supply days” and click on the days you are free to turn them green. If you are not sure but MIGHT want work, turn them green anyway. The worst that can happen is we call you for work and you say you can’t do it after all! Finally, click on the save button to ensure your availability has been updated onto the system. This will give your consultant a pop up to remind them you are available and on which days.


Furthermore, it is also beneficial to call Axcis at 7am if you are up and ready for work. We then know who to call first when a school rings and needs someone for the day.


And remember, candidates who make a great impression at a school for day to day supply work are often the first people considered by the school when a long term position becomes available. After all, you know the children and the school already!



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