Axcis Tip of the Week: Update your CV

Elizabeth’s Tip: Keep your CV up to date


Elizabeth Heaton is a Consultant in the Axcis Liverpool office.

Elizabeth Heaton is a Consultant in the Axcis Liverpool office.

This week, our weekly tip comes from Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a Consultant in the Liverpool office. This means a key part of her job is finding new schools who want to work with Axcis. She needs to show them we have the very best candidates looking for work. Elizabeth therefore reminds us of the importance of having a great CV.


At Axcis, our job is to help find you employment. However, we need your help to do this. Your CV is the first impression many of our clients will have of you, so it’s of vital importance that it is smart, kept up to date and includes all your core skills and experience.


Make sure that you regularly update your CV to reflect all the hard work you’ve been doing. You may know that you’ve learned lots of new skills in a recent job – but employers won’t know this unless it’s clearly stated on your CV. It’s a vital document for anyone in the job market and should show off all your skills and experience and help you to stand out from the crowd.


Many teachers and support staff in real life don’t have to create a CV as most of the time jobs require you to complete an application form/pack. But when an agency is finding you work your CV is your secret weapon! It should detail all relevant work experience inclusive of the dates and months. It should list of your training and qualifications too. Make sure you list all your key responsibilities and also very importantly your key successes! Make sure everything you put in there has meaning – if you increased attainment how much by? If you worked with one particular student and are proud of it – put it in!


In a highly competitive market, you need to be the one schools want to interview first so if you’re not sure if your CV represents you well, have a look at our CV advice page where you can also find a template CV you can use to get you started. And last but not least – if your contact details on there are wrong – don’t be surprised if you don’t get a call back when you apply for jobs, no matter how amazing your skills and experience are!

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