Axcis Tip of the Week: Keep your contact info. up to date

Gail’s Tip: Keep your contact details up to date 


Gail Andrews is the Branch Manager for Axcis Liverpool

Gail Andrews is the Branch Manager for Axcis Liverpool

This week, our weekly tip comes from Gail. Gail is Branch Manager for the Liverpool office. You may remember us telling you about her doing the London marathon in April (Go Gail!) Her tip is to always keep us up to date when your contact details change.


It wasn’t long ago that I was sat behind a desk managing job bookings for lots of candidates. It’s fantastic when we have people registered for work who are keen, ready to start and bring in all the right paperwork when they come for their interview. DBS certificates sorted, references checked, paperwork all signed off – it’s a lengthy process at times but essential for us to have a steady flow of new candidates ready to go out to work for our lovely schools.


Then the ideal vacancy comes in – the best bit of the job is that moment we call you to tell you about the PERFECT position. It’s as if it’s been tailor made for you – the right location, the right sort of school, the right length of contract – the ideal match! We pick up the phone, dial your number – all geared up and excited to tell you we’ve got your next job sorted. Then this happens – “the number you have dialled has not been recognised… please replace the handset and try again”. NO! We must have dialled the number wrong, so try again. Same result. Check your file for a land line – no number. NO! We HAVE to tell you about this job – it’s perfect for you. The only remaining option is email… but by the time you respond the job is gone and we are back to square 1. You’re gutted and so are we. Not the result we had hoped for.


You’d be surprised how often this happens. Not only that, but when I was running a desk, I would also periodically get calls from very angry candidates complaining that we have not called them for work for MONTHS! On reviewing their details with them it would often transpire that their phone number had changed and as such we had not been able to call them about work!


So, the moral of this story is to keep us up to date. When your phone number changes, or any of your other details, please let us know. Otherwise you could be wasting all that time and energy you put into registering with Axcis in the first place!

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