Axcis Tip of the Week: Day to day supply can be an opportunity for a long-term job

Helena Culliney, Account Manager for the Berkshire area will have plenty of work for you!

Helena Culliney, Account Manager in the Axcis London office

Helena’s Tip: See day to day bookings as an opportunity for a long-term position.
This week, our weekly tip comes from Helena. Helena is an Account Manager for Axcis and works in the London office. This means she works with some of our busiest schools and as such often has work available in the mornings for that day. Her tip is to see day to day bookings as an opportunity for a long-term position.



At Axcis, we offer day to day bookings, long-term positions and sometimes permanent roles too. We often find that a day to day placement can turn into something long-term (if you impress the school!) and even eventually into permanent jobs too (if they can’t bear the idea of losing you!)



When we take a vacancy from a school, the process is usually to send CVs for interested candidates, explain why they would be suited to the role and to try and get an interview or trial day lined up. Sometimes this process can take a while and schools may only be keen to see candidates who look perfect on paper (even if we say they’d be super for the job).



This is why day to day supply bookings can be so valuable to those seeking a long-term job. If a school has a vacancy for something long-term and you turn up for a day of supply work, do a brilliant job and express an interest in further work at the school, it is very likely that they will wish to consider you for their long-term vacancy. Obviously, this depends on whether you have impressed them – so you must always treat day to day work as if it were an interview or trial day for a long-term role. You never know who might be looking at you and considering you for something more committed!



So, if you are available for long-term work and currently do not feel that you want to do day to day supply work, our advice would be to reconsider this – you never know what it may turn in to.

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