Tip of the Week: Don’t forget your timesheet!

Jack’s Tip: Don’t forget your timesheet!  


Jack Talbot, Account Manager for Axcis London

Jack Talbot, Account Manager for Axcis London

This week, our weekly tip comes from Jack. Jack is an Account Manager for Axcis and works in the London office. This means he works with some of our busiest schools and as such often has work available in the mornings for that day. His tip is to always remember to get your timesheet signed/authorised before leaving school for the day/week.


Whether you are working on a day to day supply basis or in a long-term assignment with Axcis, I think you’ll agree that it is a top priority that you get paid on time! We can only pay you if we have an authorised timesheet to send to our payroll department. If you are working on a day to day basis, at the end of the working week, you may have potentially worked at 5 different schools – which is obviously fantastic and shows your dynamism and flexibility. At Axcis we feel very passionately about our candidates being paid promptly, and as such we spend a lot of time chasing both schools and candidates for timesheets that we have not received. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try, sometimes we can’t get your timesheet for you – and if we don’t receive a timesheet then you will not get paid.


At Axcis, we strongly advise candidates to print out a copy of the Axcis timesheet (which can be found by logging in to your online account), taking one to every school you work in, and make sure the school complete it at the end of each day (or week if you are there all week) and then send a copy to your consultant. This can be done as simply as taking a photo of it on your phone (once it’s been signed) and emailing it over. Some schools may prefer to complete your timesheet online, which is great, but it is often a good idea to ask them to do your paper one too, just so you have a backup to hand. By doing this, you ensure that you are paid for every day that you work, no matter how many schools you have been to each week or how many days you have worked. We also encourage candidates to check their timesheets have been received, just to be sure that any you have sent have arrived safely at our end. Modern technology is great but it is not without it’s limitations and email/faxes can seem to disappear into the ether at times!


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