Axcis Tip of the Week: Call us back ASAP!

Louise’s Tip: Call us back ASAP!



Louise Clifford, Branch Manager for Axcis Bristol

Louise Clifford, Branch Manager for Axcis Bristol

This week, our weekly tip comes from Louise. Louise is a Branch Manager for Axcis and works in the Bristol office. This means she works with some of our busiest schools and as such often has day to day work available in the mornings as well as long-term vacancies to fill. Her tip is to always remember to call us back as soon as you are able to.



If you see a missed call from us or have received a text asking you to call in regarding work then please return the call/text as soon as possible. Check your phone during breaks and when school finishes. When schools make bookings they want to know ASAP who they’ve got coming in and a speedy response is what gives us our competitive edge – there’s nothing more frustrating than keeping a booking open for someone only for them to get back at the end of the day & tell us they aren’t free!



So, make sure you keep an eye on your phone. But NEVER answer it in class as this is not professional and won’t reflect well on your or us as a company. We have a responsibility to get back to schools and confirm bookings as soon as possible, and often our jobs are filled within minutes of a message being sent out to candidates. If you are working all day and concerned that you might miss out on a booking, you can always inform the school you are working in that you are free the next day and book it directly with them, and just let your consultant know later. This is absolutely fine, but please don’t badger the school if they are not able to confirm if you are needed the next day – often they won’t know themselves until they hear from the person you are covering!

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