Axcis Tip of the Week: Fill in referee details and upload an up to date CV when you register

This Week’s Top Tip: Send us your CV and Reference Details at the start of your registration


Register with Axcis and become connected to a range of specialist and mainstream schools in your area for work.

When you register with an agency, it might seem that the process from our side is pretty simple and straightforward. Get your CV and paperwork from you, meet face to face then start offering you work. Simple, right? Well – unfortunately it’s often not as easy as it might sound.


One of the key things which slows down the registration process – and hence us being able to offer you work – is ensuring the correct paperwork is on file. There is not a great deal we can do to speed things like DBS checks up, but we can expedite your references. However, many candidates skip the referee details page when they register online with Axcis. This means we have to wait until you send them to us to get your references applied for.


Some references come back in a matter of minutes when we apply for them. However, others can take weeks, or even months before referees respond to us. This can cause huge delays in offering you work. If a CV is fully up to date, we can sometimes contact your previous employer on your behalf and get a reference in process without you sending their details – but this tends to happen only in exceptional circumstances.


So, if you are keen to work, make sure that you have a fully up to date CV and you complete all your reference details online when you register. Your two referees need to be from your last two years of employment (or study) and come from legitimate line managers. Again, using inappropriate referees will hold up the process and cause delays in you being offered work. This is not something we want, and we are sure you don’t either!

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