Autism Awareness Worksheets (NAS)

Do you need resources to support autism awareness in your class? Our partners at the National Autistic Society have provided some fantastic materials which are free to download and print – find out more here.

The Axcis/NAS partnership

Autism Awareness with Axcis Mark Lever

Mark Lever, NAS CEO talking at an Axcis sponsored event.

Axcis has been in partnership with the NAS since 2011, and we are proud to be their single biggest corporate sponsor. Since the start of this relationship, we have worked together on a range of initiatives, from developing FREE online webinars about autism, to live Twitter chats with top autism researchers and professionals as well as many training events, seminars and conferences. Axcis also sponsors Network Autism, the NAS’s vital online service created to bring autism professionals together across over 12 professional sectors and from 90 countries. In 2015, NAS also launched their MyWorld campaign with the support of Axcis Education to enhance autism awareness, training and resources in schools. Axcis have become a regular fixture at the NAS Professional Conference,  which we are thrilled to support and sponsor. Axcis also sponsor an “Autism Professionals Award” to recognise the fantastic work being done to support those on the spectrum. We are extremely proud of this partnership with the NAS and hope that it will continue for many years to come.

FREE Autism Awareness classroom materials

The National Autistic Society, as part of their Schools Autism Awareness campaign, have provided some fantastic FREE classroom resources. Each pack is level-specific, and contains teacher guidance, lesson and assembly plans, presentations and activities to help you improve understanding of autism at school. Download your resources below:


England  Wales Scotland  Northern Ireland  Download resources
EYFS Foundation Nursery+P1 Year 1-2 Pack (English / Welsh)

PowerPoint (English / Welsh)

KS1-Lower KS2 Foundation P2-3 Year 3-4 Pack (English / Welsh)

PowerPoint (English / Welsh)

KS2 KS2 P4-7 Year 5-7 Pack (English / Welsh)
KS3-4 KS3-4 S1-3 Year 8-10 Pack (English / Welsh)

PowerPoint (English / Welsh)

KS4 KS4 S4-6 Year 11-12 Pack (English / Welsh)


Would you like to work with children with autism?

If you’re interested in working with children or young people with autism, why not check out our jobs page or register with us today? Axcis are the only agency dedicated entirely to the SEND sector, so if you have a passion for supporting children with SEND, and would like to gain paid work in this field, then you’ve come to the right company!

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